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FAST Whey Vanilla Protein

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Protein for all day use

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Our single-source, grass-fed whey isolate is cold-processed to preserve native protein structures. Then, it’s further optimized with a clinically proven ProHydrolase enzyme blend to support digestion and absorption of amino acids. It’s more bioavailable, which produces quick, lasting benefits. Increase strength, build healthy muscle, speed your recovery and keep training FAST with a whey protein that goes as hard as you do. 

Mixes well and tastes great in water, almond milk, smoothies or other recipes. Vanilla flavor is rich and creamy—not chalky like so many other vanilla whey protein powders.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • 24 servings/container

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“Even if I weren’t an athlete, food would be very important to me. If I prefer to take in grass-fed beef for dinner, you’d better believe that the same level of quality will be applied to any sort of supplement I take. Everything we take in has to be really good. We work too hard to eat anything but the best.”

- Sarah True, Olympic Triathlete

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